• Activity A10: “My city today and in the future”: In this activity students use present images (realistic portrayal of the nearby environment) to create future ones (they use their vision, the children’s imagination, the changes they wish for)- Ss use montage and collage, raise of awareness 

    Tyrnavos , Greece

    This is a photo our students chose to work on. The city centre as it is today.

    And this is our project.

    We decided that we want our city centre to have more beautiful buildings. Some new and modern ones but also some old and colourful buildings we saw in the city of our partner school in Ostrava. Some students wanted more trees and flowers in the streets, less cars and safer streets for children to ride their bikes.

    The girls team wanted a little pond in the centre of the square and also some eco-friendly resources as our school this year participates in a project for sustainability.

    Swansea , Wales

    This is a photo our students chose to work on. This is a popular area in Swansea City Centre where people relax and enjoy.

    This is the result of our project. 

    The children decided that the square was not very attractive and needed a bit of colour. They decided to include grass and flowers so it would attract wildlife into the city centre. They wanted colourful buildings and more modern features. The building in the background represented their thoughts on buildings in the future. They wanted to conserve the city's history by keeping the remains of the castle intact.


    Tres Cantos-Spain

    Our students chose a picture of Tres Cantos, and in groups they decided how to change it, into a better place to live. So they focus on this to be improved. After discussing they drew, colour, cut and stick thay things that they will add to the original picture.


    Curtea - Romania

    The image that our children chose to work is the center of the Curtea village. It can be seen the Orthodox church (new and old), the school and the town hall. Students have decided that a bicycle track is necessary to facilitate walking at the school with the bike. On the roof of the old church there is a solar energy capture system and in the back there is a residential neighborhood because the population of our planet is growing up and it will be necessary to build new homes ;)
    Foto 1 - Today
    Foto 2 - In the future


    Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School , Vidin, Bulgaria

    The students were woring on the task during the ICT lessons. The lesson topic was "Computer graphics". To raise students motivation to learning i decided to combine this topic with our project task.

    Here you can see some of the students work.




    Agia Marina K.A primary school Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus


    Children of the 3rd grade (of the school year 2017-2018) have discussed about the improvements they would like to see in the area they live (Strovolos). The photo is from Strovolos avenue, which very close to the school.

    Here is the photo before and after  the suggestions of the children.




    Ostrava - My City in the Future