Bulgaria - Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School

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    Tsar Simeon Veliki is a municipal school for general education. The school is situated in a very poor area on the banks of the  Danube river with high levels of unemployment. It is the largest school in Vidin district with 1050 students aged 6 to 19 years. At school there are students in primary, pre-secondary and secondary level. The school staff is 78 people. From them 9 people work in management and administration, and 60 people are teaching staff.
    The school  with modern school facilities and the implementation of ICT  and mobile technologies in teaching. The students can study in classes with intensive learning in English, German and ICT with reception after 7th grade, but students can study ICT and to develop their digital skills and foreign language competences from 2nd grade. There are also extracurricular activities such Ecology club, European club, club Debates, Folk dances club and sport teams. Students starting from 3rd grade can attend Chines lessons. In the school for the third year works a Chines teacher, part of mutual project with Institute Confucius. The students can learn how to draw hieroglyphs (Chines characters).  
    At SOU"Tsar Simeon Veliki" we have students whose native languages are not Bulgarian. We have a program at school for the integration of students with special needs and from disadvantaged groups. This program gives them the opportunity to work on different projects together with the other students. In our school we have students from minorities and from migrant families. The school developed a plan how to reduce early school leaving and to prepare students for their successful realization in field of ICT.
    The school is directed towards the development of practical skills in students and link education with practice. We are involved in Microsoft and Ministry of education of Bulgaria project YouthSprark - career in IT. Our students received free legal account Office365 and can pass exams for Microsoft Specialist Certificate.
    Introducing the European dimension and cooperation in the classroom is one of the school's goal. The European school Plan include as objectives the implementation of school projects with topic ICT into the curriculum,  the development of inter-subject teaching and to change the students attitude to ICT and mobile technologies as a tool for learning and profession after graduation.
    To achieve these objectives the school staff need to improve their  skills and to use new methods. 
    One of the school priority is improving the quality of language learning through updating and connection with practice.
    With a new vision of teaching school will meet the challenges of modern life.
    "Tsar Simeon Veliki" has been a partner in COMENIUS multilateral and billateral project, the Connecting classrooms project, European studies program, eTwinning and Erasmus+KA1 and KA2.
    Our students at Euroscola 3 years ago.
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