Activity A17 - "Relocate" my family

  • “Relocate” my family or ... my family is moving

    Step 1: Using digital applications or the traditional scissors students cut a family/their family from the scenery around it and send (upload) the extract to twinspace.


    Step 2: The Ss of the receiving school try to “find” a scenery/background for the family. The collages (digital of traditional) are posted and students “react” on the new backgrounds.



    Students in class E brought photos and worked on ppt to prepare the activity. In almsot cased they preferred more exotic sceneries.

    Here are some examples

    Family 1: couldn't decide which liked the most: moving from the village to the jungle or to Paris???????????

    Family 2: A family reunion in the city house was relocated in the grantparents' village house where all children share happy memories

    Family 3: mum and children enjoying winter in Tyrnavos are relocated in a mountain resort



    a17 comenius spain.pdf






    A17 CYPRUS.pdf

    Wales: Relocate My Family

    Relocate My Family.pdf