M3- Transnacional meeting Spain




    PUERTO REAL, Spain

    MAY 6 – 10 2019.







    It is the first day of the meeting for students and teachers from the schools participating in the project. After a welcome by the director of the school, various activities were carried out with teachers and students in order to get to know each other and break the ice.

    The first one consisted of a performance of students of our school who encouraged all the participants to dance some traditional local dances.


    Then the students  continued in the playground with one more activity while the teachers carried out a visit around  the school where they could see the facilities and participate  in some classes with a double objective, to make the participants know the school and at the same time  the Spanish students had the opportunity to know them.

    To disseminate the project to the municipality, a theatrical tour to Puerto Real was made. A group of students from the school dressed in traditional costumes of the 18th century presented our city and its different symbolic buildings to the teachers, students as well as to the general population of the city. (link)

    After the lunch the teachers held a first meeting, where a review of the evaluations of the previous meetings was made and some reflections about the practices and methods used.


    From 8 to 9, students attended classes with their local mates, so they had the opportunity to interact with the rest of the students of the school.

    Subsequently, students were organized in different international work groups to make different materials related to different aspects of migration, highlighting the geographical situation of Cádiz as the southern gate of Europe.

    The teachers had a second working session. The programme was reviewed and the general lines of the final report was presented. A Project’s Twinspace evaluation was also made.

    As a recreational activity on this day we moved to Cádiz, where a Gymkhana was held in the city, in which both the students and the teachers participated.

    At 16.00 teachers held another meeting in order to discuss about weak and strong aspects of the project and highlights and best practices.



    From 8 to 9 students continued making different posters, collages, videos, ... that they had begun the previous day.

    This day a visit to Seville was made.




    As part of the project, a visit to the NGO Red Cross was organized in Tarifa, so that all participants had the opportunity to see for themselves the reality of migration through the Strait of Gibraltar.

    A conference was organized by Gestión Voluntariado Dispositivo CAED Campano y ERIE Ayuda Humanitaria a Inmigrantes, given by Juan Manuel Fernández Ahumada.

    After the conference, we had the opportunity of visiting Tarifa and some of the beaches where immigrants arrive. This experience allowed us to understand why Tarifa and its beaches have become a gateway to Europe.

    The day was completed with a cultural visit to the City of Vejer, a typical example of Arabic city.


    From 8-9: 30 Students finished the works they had been doing during the workshops in the meeting.

    9: 30- 11:00 The students presented both the work done in the respective countries and the one done here in Puerto Real. After these exhibitions a debate on migration and the "fake news" was held.

    11:00 All participants filled an evaluation questionnaire about the meeting.

    11:15 Students performed sports activities while teachers met for a new work session.

    11:30 Teachers meeting.

    In this meeting an approach of the general lines to make the final report – Mobility tool. The general impressions of each one of the participants were gathered in relation to the development and implementation of the project, as well as the achievements and materials developed.

    Proposals to improve were collected after identifying the weak points of our project, in order to be taken into account in future collaborations.

    Finally, all the participating schools made contributions and agreed on the common points that should be included in the Final Report.

    13:00 The Town Hall was visited to give information about the project.

    20:00 Final party with families.