Migration matters

This twinspace supports our Erasmus+ project "Migration matters". Inspired by the recent growing influx of refugees and migrants to the E.U., we feel that migration does matter so we are exploring migration matters...

Project Journal

  • Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. #WeRemember.

    "Remembering the atrocities of the Holocaust, this darkest chapter of modern European history, is essential for understanding the value of having a European Union today. It is to prevent these horrors that we founded a Union based on universal human rights, democracy, the rule of law and non-discrimination, and it is in the name of those values that we need to preserve it and constantly improve it."

    - Posted by Vesna Stunković, 27.01.2018

  • Sretan Božić i uspješnu novu godinu žele vam učenici i nastavnici Gospodarske škole


    - Posted by Vesna Stunković, 23.12.2017

  • Greek team, students and teachers, wish you "Merry Christmas" and lots of happy moments in the new year!


    - Posted by Efi Karamanou, 22.12.2017

  • Hello from Greece! We are the greek team that is going to come to Italy this December!! :)


    - Posted by Iliana Papadaki, 16.11.2017

  • Something about the Andernach experience.

    Andernach experience.docx

    - Posted by Jolanta Kozubska, 08.11.2017