Migration matters

This twinspace supports our Erasmus+ project "Migration matters". Inspired by the recent growing influx of refugees and migrants to the E.U.

Project Journal

  • Happy #WorldTeachersDay for all the amazing #eTwinning teachers!


    - Posted by Vesna Stunković, 05.10.2018

  • Today is the European Day of Languages!
    What language can you speak?


    - Posted by Vesna Stunković, 26.09.2018

  • Better late than never! Checkout the "Complementary" page. We included brief reports of two activities organized by the Greek team. ;)
    - Posted by Sotiris Thanasis, 21.09.2018

  • On April we started to observe flora and fauna in our region.
    We would like to investigate biodiversity in Međimurje and some invasive species



    - Posted by Vesna Stunković, 11.07.2018

  • The students and members of ERASMUS+ "Migration matters" project from Vilnius Žvėrynas gymnasium on May 19th-20th went on an educational trip "Stories of the exiled". Participants had visited The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania located in Rumšiškės, Kaunas, where they saw the exile and resistance movement exhibition which consists of a pit-house (yurt), a train wagon used to transport deportees, a hideout (bunker) and memorial monuments. The excursion was lead by one of the deportees - Irena Valaitytė. Participants also visited the Exile and resistance museum located in Palanga, where they had an opportunity to meet two of the survivors of the exile, as well as to remember the Lithuanian partisans day.
    The whole trip also introduced students and teachers to foreign cultures while visiting the biggest Japanese garden in Europe where lots of information was provided about how the Japanese culture is adapting in Lithuania.
    - Posted by Vaida Činčienė, 18.06.2018