Meeting in Kuopio (Finland)

  • The last Learning/Teaching/Training Activity was held from the 23rd  to 29th of May, 2019, at Jynkanlahden koulu in Kuopio, Finland. During this meeting, project activities have been discussed and the draft of final report has been prepared. Two films "Our way of life” and “Making the project" which were prepared by each partner have been showed during the welcoming party. The project booklets were prepared in five languages (English, Finnish, French, Galician and Turkish) and shared with partners.
    Students built up the photo exhibition: the theme was "Our School Life". Teachers and students visited the church and joined the graduation lunch and ceremony.
    The partners visited Jynkkä primary school which is a new style Finnish school and got informations about Finnish School System.
    The history and culture of the area receiving the students are also part of the program. The students had the opportunity to discover the host town, how life was in Finland in the past and to follow in the footsteps of Minna Canth, a pioneer in these lands in claiming women's rights. The medieval town of Savonlinna and its castle, the museum of the forest of Lusto (a wide exhibition  of the meaning of the forest in the life and in the Finnish economy, country with 75% of the territory covered by forests) or the church of Kerimäki, (the largest built entirely in wood) were other points of interest visited by the international delegations.