Our favourite stories - Finland


    Onni is a little boy. One morning when he wakes up, he wonders how his dad told him about an exciting adventure in the evening. He wonders what they might see on the trip. Onni lives in an apartment building and his friend Helmi lives in the upper part of the building. Onni invites Helmi to the adventure. So exciting! Helmi's mother wants to go with Onni and Helmi, too. Together they pack up all the things they needed – and of course the adventurebook! Onni's littlebrother Olavi would like to come along to the adventure but he is too young for that.
              Onni and Helmi put bathats into their heads and start act like bats. When the game is over, they go to their own homes and wait for the evening.
              The clock turns eight and the adventure may begin.
    Onni, Onni's father, Helmi and Helmi's mother start their adventure to the dark forest. They think that the forest is very exciting. After a while, they eat an evening meal. The best part of the trip! Then Onni and Helmi find a butterfly. They examine it with a bugbook. After a successful trip, they have to go home to sleep. Onni would like to stay in the forest all night.
              Next day Onni, Onni's friend Viljo and Onni's littlebrother Olavi wear their ghost costumes and look for monsters. They think they have seen a monster. Olavi is scared. Later Onni is scared of monsters and darkness too. Mother says that on the other side of the earth it is now morning. Olavi cannot sleep, because he is afraid of monsters. Onni calms him down and says that there are no monsters under his bed or anywhere else in the house.

    The original story written by Sanna Pelliccioni