Meeting in Lalín (Spain)


    The second Learning/Teaching/Training Activity was held from 24 to 30 May 2018 at IES Laxeiro in Lalín.

    During this meeting, our students stayed with the host families of Lalín so that they had first-hand contact with the culture and daily life of locals. Besides, both teachers and students followed lessons and various academic activities so that they could observe similarities and differences between their schools and cultures.
    We held a welcome ceremony at IES Laxeiro. After that, the students, who are representatives of their countries, presented their video presentation about their school, school system and their hometown.
    Also, partners participated in different workshop/meetings were they discussed and agreed project activities. Students met and discuss about the modern, new stories collected from children and equality surveys.
    We set up two exhibitions with the topics:
    •    “Equality and role models in different decades", consisting of the interviews of the fellow students, relatives and residents in the nursing home with the photos they have given.
    •    "Modern stories made by children" consisting of the stories the children have invented and illustrated in each country.
    The participating partners participated in a workshop and a talk at the Gender Equality Office in Lalín, addressing gender equality issues and seeing how they deal with the issue in this institution.
    Teachers and students visited Liñares-Museum of Puppetry (Lalín): and interacted with the artists and guide on gender issues in puppets. They attended to a titerature tour of the partner countries, a short tour of the presence of authors, literary works and visiting countries in Galician and Spanish literature.
    We visited the CEIP Manuel Rivero (preschool) creating and running a workshop about gender-neutral storytelling with all pre-schoolers making simple puppets developing creativity and cross-culturality. The students also visit the local retirement home sharing experiences and songs with residents.
    The participants toured Santiago de Compostela, a World Heritage City, as well as the local cultural attractions and monuments.
    The mayor and local authorities welcomed students and teachers.