Meeting in Tekirdağ (Turkey)

  • The first Learning/Teaching/Training Activity was held between 11th and 17th January,2018 at Şehit Mehmet Şengül Ortaokulu in Tekirdağ,Turkey.

    During this meeting students stayed with local host families so that they saw by themselves the local culture; besides, both teachers and students followed lessons observing the differences and similarities between their schools and the culture.

    Also, partners presented their video presentations about their schools and towns and participated in different workshop/meetings were they discussed and agreed project activities. Our students created four posters about their customs after having answered the questionnaire prepared by Finnish students. The posters have been shown on the project corner.

    We set up two exhibitions with the topics:

    • "One day in my life", consisting of  photos from each partner country, taken the same day in November and representing one day of people of different age groups (children of 5-6 years, teenagers, parents, grandparents/other old people living in nursing homes)
    • "The favorite stories" consisting of children’s' favourite stories with their drawings.

    Partner visited Zübeyde Hanım Nursing Home and TSO Primary School’s Kindergarden Class by singing/ performing and discussing with the old people and children and show them the films about their schools and home towns and the greetings of the children (songs).

    Teachers and students visited Istanbul and local attractions also they have met with Director of Tekirdağ Provincial Directorate of National Education.