Mission 3 - Be an artist

  •                                            LOGO CONTEST

    The graphical representation is a language that since ancient times men have used to represent their experiences, their ideas, the surrounding reality. After you have compared in class with your teammates on the characteristics of the 21st century have the task of expressing the way you consider this time by participating in a contest for the creation of the logo for your project. I recommend trying to be creative and look carefully the design of your fellow Europeans to identify similarities and differences with your way of thinking. At the end express your opinion by voting on Sticky moose. 


    1st place 2nd place 3rd place
    18 votes 14 votes 3 votes


    Logos in the competition

        1   2      3  




         4       5    6   




       7   8    9   



       10      11    12  


    You can choose the logo that you think is more representative on Sticky moose

                                                              stycky moose


    at the following link