Mission 5 - Be an explorer and a mathematician

  • Be an explorer and a mathematicianIn the 21st century, thanks to the means of locomotion faster, people leave for various reasons the place where they live to reach other places. in this sense we are all a little explorers. The travel to new places puts people in contact with new realities, pushes them to know them, to explore them. What drives people to travel in the 21st century? What are the places they visit most? This mission is going to be done in two steps:

    1) We are going to find out about people's favourite places to visit and the reasons of travelling by making a survey of all the people we know (in the classroom, at home, through the means of social networks, eg. Facebook). We are going to write the survey questions together:


     2) We are going to plan a trip to our country to help people visit it more easily. Remember about the recommended places, accomadation, methods of transport and prices. Be comprehensive!!! Also enter the informations on distance, time and any costs. A week long trip would be ideal for us.





    The survey Be an explorer was issued through Fb, the mailbox of eTwinning, the class blog and the school website in order to involve the wider community and consider ways and reasons of this phenomenon, quite extensive and all-encompassing. So many people have worked to answer questions put to them. We thank the parents of the students, friends and all European teachers who took part for their kind contribution.







    We started preparing our trip in Spain. The first step is Portugalete. You can see the main monuments in this video.

    Now the trip is to Bilbao and Madrid:

    Here you have a presentation about Madrid:

    We organized the trip to Italy through some cities most representative of our country. Anyone who comes in Italy can not do without to appreciate the reference to the past of ancient Rome, the splendor of art and culture of Florence, the beauty of the lagoon of Venice, typical of city life in Bologna, the joy and joviality of Naples. And why not? It 'is nevitable a dip in the Sassi of Matera, now become European Capital of Culture for 2019.


    Do you want to visit our country and our region? It 's a really very nice  place to see and visit, rich of natural and cultural beauty. We have prepared for you this short video guide

    and this presentation


    We students of class V C have also developed a travel program in Italy in our language lasting 12 days and we shared it on our class blog. Hopefully you can understand it ... This is the link


    A trip to Poland made by Daniel with his students from class 5c:



    Portuguese students doing research work in groups to plan a trip in Portugal: they suggest visiting Lisbon (the capital city), Sintra, Porto, Coimbra and their hometown - Lousã.




    Planning a trip to Portugal_5th Mission by Slidely Slideshow