Mission 1 - Open your mind and meet new people.

  • The first meeting: Italia, Spain, Poland, Hungary. Pupils are presented, talked about their school, the disciplines that study, their hobbies, sports and favorite colors





    We asked some questions about each other and our schools. Can you complete the table below to let students know better each other:


    Open your mind and meet new people
    Question Italy      Portugal                          Poland Spain(Portugalete)

    How old are you?

    What Year are you in?

    We are 10 years old.

    We attend the fifth class of primary school

    We are a group of students, some of us are in Year 5, one in year 7 and one in year 8 (10 - 13 years old).

    We are 12

    we're in Year 6

    We are 8-9

    We are in 3rd and 4th years

    Where is your school situated?

    Our school is located in the municipality

    of Rionero in Vulture, a village north-west of Basilicata, Southern Italy

    In Lousã, a small town in the centre of Portugal.

    In south-west Poland

    in town Dzier┼╝oniów

    In the north of Spain.

    The town is Portugaalete

    How many students are there in your school? About 700 We are from different schools: EB n2 da Lousã and Lousã Secondary school, both are part of a big school cluster with around two thousand and 3 hundred students. About 400 About 80

    How old are students in your country when

    they start and finish primary school?

    Start at the age of 6 and finisce at 11 years They start primary school at the age of 6 and finish at the age of  10. 

    Start at the age of 6 or 7

    Finish at the age of 13

    Start at 6/7

    Finished 12

    What school subjects do you have at school? Italian, English, mathematics, history, geography, art, gymnastics, science, music, technology, citizenship Portuguese, English, Geography, History, Sciences, Physical Education, Arts, Physics/Chemistry, Music and ICT.

    11 - Polish, English, Maths,

    Science, Art, Music, ICT, PE

    Religion, Technology, History.

    Spanish language

    Basque language









    What time do you start lessons in the morning? At 8.20 At 8.30. At 8 am At 9 am
    How many lessons do you have a week, a day? 30 per week Around 5. 30 per week, 6-7 per day

    27 hours + the playground time (half an hour a day) per week

    5,30 per day


    Welcome to Lousã school Cluster (Portugal):