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Mission 4 - Be a musician





                                 AWARDING OF THE CHRISTMAS CONCERT 

Based on the votes taken by the pupils and their parents, we proceeded with the following awards

1st place 2nd place 3rd place

When snow falls



Tu scendi dalle stelle and Mos Craciun


Silent night ( Spain )

16 votes 4 votes 3 votes


Our Christmas song from Spain is ready. They sang in Spanish and English Silent Night..



Another Christmas song. This time they sing in Basque the other official language in the Basque country where we live.


Olentzero from maite maite on Vimeo.


And here comes a traditional Italian song and one Romanian sung by pupils of class V C of Primary School of Rionero in Vulture. The Romanian song is a tribute that the Italians pupils  have decided to dedicate to some Romanians fellow  present in our school. 



The students of class V D show two songs. The first is a traditional Venezuelan song "Nino Lindo" that a fellow of this country has taught them, the second Silent Night in English and Italian. 


Class 5D at EB nº2 da Lousã is preparing a Xmas concert to be held at school on DEcember, 16th (the last school day before Xmas holidays), so  at the Music lesson they have sung "Quando Cai Neve" ("When snow falls"). Teacher Ana Simões monitored this activity.

You can watch the video clicking on this link

Here you have the Lyrics (English version)

 When snow falls ,

they say it's Christmas

and  we will get the presents.

 poor me , living by the sea ,

where the sun breaks the legends.

Dling, dling, dlão, dling, dling 
Dling, dling, dlão, dling, dling

They say that the sun ,

not to get a cold , is hiding  very near here

Tonight, without waking him up ,

I will dress him up in white linen.

Have a Merry Xmas!

Polish students sang "Cicha noc" - "Silent night" in Polish.  the final concert with Christmas nativity is taking place on Friday 19th December and I hope to record some of the songs for you then.

Mateusz sings "Maluśki, maluśki" - a Christmas carol from Polish mountains sung with Highlanders language. Pope John Paul II made this carol famous in the whole country of Poland.

Przybieżeli do Betlejem pasterze (The shephers has come to Bethlejem) is one of the most popular Christmas traditional carol:




Author: Maria Teresa Carrieri
Last editor: Maite Elejalde