Mission 6 - Be a trainer


    During your journey on this planet have never heard the people around you pronounce phrases like: I'm anxious; not I can do it, I'm very tired, I'm stressed? Have you ever seen a person be extremely nervous or worried? Have you ever tried the same feelings like that? Do you know that the ability to overcome these situations by using the best of our resources is called resilience? Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected, to adapt to new situations, persist in pursuing own objectives, effectively facing difficulties and other negative events that will meet on the way, reaching important destinations.  Do you know that  a balanced life,  indulge that space and peace to relax regularly and recharge yourself,   take care of your bodymeans to give  your resilience a chance to increase? If your body is stronger, then you have built up the strength and endurance to have a stronger mind, and it will indeed help you in moments of crisis. Being physically fit will improve your self-esteem, positive thinking, and ability to feel empowered, all of which will help you be resilient.

    Your mission consists of different parts:
    • Compare your way to spend the day with that of your fellow Europeans by videoconferencing:
    •  fill  the chart belowe  


    Answer to this question: How much hours do you spend on the following: physical activity, sleep, relaxation, watching TV / gaming, homework, others ? Do they respect the recommended daily times to be spent on each activity? Why is sleep important? Why is it important to do sports? Why is it important not to spend much time watching TV or gaming? What can you do to comply the recommended daily times?

    • After watching the video at the following link http://www.fit4theclassroom.com/recharge  or have sought others using Focusky (or Prezi) draw up the plan "Be active, be healthy, be happy"  to recharge yourself and be more resilient, share it in the TwinSpace together with that of the other European fellow. Eventually  express your opinion on the best presentation by voting.
    • Show some of your experiences that can help others to lead a healthier way of life.

    This module is loosely based on the lessons plans Recharge fit 4 the Classroom 





    Click the arrow to go to the plan "Be active, be healthy, be happy" 


    After compiling the chart we met by videoconference to compare the way we manage the daily time. From video conferencing have emerged of the elements really interesting to think about. 



    Be a trainer videoconference on PhotoPeach from the Spanish side.



    In Spain we started to talk about what we do during the day and fill the chart:


    Wheel of activities by Slidely Photo Gallery


    In Italy after we discussed the way we spend the day, we have completed the diagram on the hour we dedicate to different activities.


    Maria Carrieri's SlidelyGallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

    In Poland many classes disccussed about recharching and the way children spend their time. It appeared a lot of students in Poland love and do sport regularly after school. What seems to be really good.


    Recharging... by Slidely Slideshow

    The first videomeeting we carried out with Italy only as we couldn't start earlier and Spanish school had to leave the meeting. We are very sorry. Some photos below:

    First videomeeting with Italy by Slidely Photo Gallery


    On March the 4th Lousã team started the 6th Mission - be a trainer. We started brainstorming and thinking about how many hours we usually spend sleeping, practising sports, having meals, studying and relaxing ...


    Our Day by Lousã team by Slidely Slideshow

    our day_Lousã by Slidely Photo Gallery

    And this was the result...


    We think it is important to have enough sleep and to spend our free time in a healthy way, so most of us practise one or two sports. Others have ballet lessons or learn to play a musical instrument. As our timetables didn't match we couldn't attend the videoconferencing, so we have recorded a small presentation about our favourite free time activities.

    Click on this link to watch the video:




    Then on March the 19th, (Father's Day in Portugal and the day before our 2nd term last day at school) we celebrated our Jam Day!




    Our Jam Day_Lousã eTwinning team on PhotoPeach

    We hope you also have fun and a great experience on your Jam Day. When we come back to school we will start working on the Prezi Presentation. Have a Nice Easter!