Are you ready to live in the 21st century?

The purpose of this project is to allow our students to acquire the necessary competences to live in the 21st century characterized by three important aspects: the Internet Era, the Multilingualism and the Globalization. It is based on the use of eTwinning based learning in the everyday school activity, in a cross to the various disciplines and fun...

Mission 2 - Be a digital citizen

The inhabitants of the 21st century make heavy use of technological tools: mobiles, tablets, ipads, laptops, etc. Sometimes they do not always use them properly. What do they use them for? What are the most commonly used tools/ instruments? Do people use these tools in a responsible way? You have the task of carrying out a survey on the use of digital tools in various contexts of life (at school, at home, in the spare time) and create a handbook of useful rules to be a good digital citizen.

We have done some research work on the subject "safety on the Internet" and we did a brainstorming activity. Then we have worked collaboratively on a joint presentation on google docs.


Handbook: How to be a responsible Digital Citizen.




Braimstorming activity




Involving  the wider community



Results of the survey in our classes





- Watch this video about the use of the mobile phone and discuss with your classmates.




Author: Maria Teresa Carrieri
Last editor: Maite Elejalde