Project impact - parents

  • Spain duty

    Summary of all the answers given by parents from the different project partners:


    1. What were the positive impacts of the host?

    The experience of the families was very positive. The parents exposed the following:

    • Opportunity for communication in foreign languages and motivation for further learning of foreign languages.

    • Opportunity for socializing and learning about different cultures (habits, customs).

    • Appropriate use of interactive applications for the purpose of translating.

    • Staying in touch with the guests.

    • The families included in the "project" were brought together and connected even more.

    • They had possibility to speak English.

    • They could meet different culture and customs of students from different countries.

    • They learnt some words in students’ native languages.

    • They have contact with students from different countries till now.

    2. What could be improved if you host a student again?

    • Parents have no suggestions for improvement.

    • Everything was well organized

    3. What were the positive impacts of your child’s visit abroad?

    About foreign languages

    • Children learnt how to communicate with other children in foreign languages.

    • Great opportunity to reinforce, speak and improve their English.

    • They improved their linguistic abilities: language competences and communicative skills.

    • They got chance to analyze and compare their own and other experience when they communicate with their friends.

    • Better marks in English at school.

    About knowledge

    • They had a great opportunity to see host country’s culture , experience the daily life style and increase their knowledge about host country.

    • Children visited monuments, historical and cultural places.

    • Children learnt about different educational systems and approaches at school.

    • They could observe the way their friends acquire knowledge at school and compare with the way they learn at school.

    • Improved scientific competences by taking part in all the science activities.

    • Carrying on experiments explaining them.

    • Watching the experiments conducted by the others.

    • Improved knowledge in History and Geography.

    • They increased their skills in using ICT tools.

    About attitude

    • Greater independence of children.

    • Living with people from other countries made them a better person, an open minded person.

    • They gained in positive attitude and selfconfidence.

    • Meeting new friends from different countries that will last for years.

    • They had an opportunity to try new meals.

    • Increased their social abilities.

    • They enjoyed, had fun and visited beautiful places.

    • Ability to work in a team and to make decisions.

    • They opened their imagination and incread their respect to other cultures.

    • They could spent unforgettable time with their friend’s families.