• June 2018

    Students were presented their presentations about visit in Slovenia to other students and teachers in primary and middle school


    May 2018

    Science festival for students from primary school and middle school

    6th graders were making gearing models

    April 2018

    Observing other human beings

    March 2018

    Electric devices

    February 2018

    Mechanic constructions


    January 2018

    6th grade students were designing electric toys

    December 2017

    During doing the Erasthotenes experiment

    November 2017

    After visit to Athens students presented their impressions to other students and teachers at primary and middle school.

    October 2017

    Students from 1-4th grades during activities about health


    May 2017

    Students learn how to behave with predatory birds.


    Erasmus+ Science festival for students, parents and teachers, also for school's friends


    April 2017

    'The Earth Day' at our school

    Students cleaning Drwęca river valley.

    Beans plant by Aneta- our student, who planted some seeds at home.

    Beans planted by 3rd class students



    March 2017


    Erasmus visit in Poland

    February 2017

    During 'School's Science Night' students were preparing experiments at night.


    Our project team presenting Erasmus+ T-shirts.


    January 2017

    School bulletin

    December 2016

    Our cards ready to send

    Received  Christmas cards

    November 2016

    Our best logos


    Erasmus+ day


    October 2016

    Project corner at our school

                               Students project team

    September 2016

    'Clean up the world' action at school


    Preparing project corner