• May 2018

    Meeting in Turkey

    Apr 2018

    Preparing videos and participating to Slovenia meeting

    Mar 2018

    Making Eratosthenes experiment and meeting with parents

    Feb and Jan 2018

    Making Astronomy and Space experiments

    Dec 2017

    Visiting Ali Kuşçu Sky Center and dissemination of Greece visit

    Nov 2017

    Making Humanbody experiments

    Oct 2017

    Meeting with parents for Greece and participating Greece meeting

    Sept 2017

    Choosing pupils for Greece

    Jun 2017

    Participating Spain meeting and making humanbody experiments

    May 2017

    Science festival 2017

    Apr 2017

    Planting seeds and making OLB experiments

    Mar 2017

    Making E&M experiments-meeting in Poland

    Feb 2017

    Making water experiments

    Jan 2017

    Meeting in Romania


    Dec 2016

    Making water experiments


    November 2016  

    Informing teachers


    Applying pupils' questionnarie


    October 2016

    Making our brenda


    Preparing our Erasmus+ corner


    Organizing Logo and Motto competitions/Awarding

    Sept 2016

    Preparing our school's brochure