• May 2018

    About colours of asteroids


    April 2018

    Ekxperiments about Air, light and colours


    March 2018

    Eratosthenes experiment - making the test measurments at Preska


    January 2018

    Astronomy activities


    November 2017

    Experiments for "Space and astronomy"

    - Eratosthenes experiment - making the test measurments at Preska and Topol primary schools, with two different age groups.


    October 2017

    Experiments for "Other living beings"

    "Salamander" - wet or dry - what does the animal prefer ...



    June 2017

    The most hardworking students got these beautiful certificates for participating in Erasmus+ project in our school for year 2016/2017.



    April, May 2017

    18th of May 2017 - Primary school Preska opened the door to all visitors and presented the work throughout the school year. One of the presenting groups was the Erasmus+ project group with the workshop of experiments for people of all ages. We had a great time :)!





    17th of May 2017 - Students and teachers of our project group had a project presentation and experimenting workshop for visitors in Medvode at the 6th market of knowledge.



    3rd experimental area - HUMAN BODY

    We decided for these experiments, which are connected with the topic "Human body":

    - A Floating egg and brain,  


    - As fast as our heart,


    - Proof of starch with iodine,


    - Why are the omega-3 fatty acıds ın the form of capsules,


    - Eye model.



    January, February 2017

    2nd experimental area - ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM

    Preparing experiments for the second round... 



    English test was not as easy as it seemed on first sight for our 5th graders.


    December 2016

    New Year posts ... Happy New Year to you all, dear project partners!

    1st experimental area - WATER

    Students from 5.b were very bussy doing the water experiments.


    Students wanted to know more about countries, where the partners are from. Thats why they decided to make a pyramid, containing some interesting information.


    October, November 2016

    Project corner is made. The corner contains basic information about the project - title, partners, experimental areas and our first two finished activities(logo contest and making of Christmas cards for partners).


    And the winning logo is...

    1st place:

    2nd place:

    3rd place:


    In clases we are preparing LOGO for the project.


    Here is Poll for voting: