TPM in Spain - Human Body

  • 29th May - 2nd June 2017

    Plan of visit is in this link.

    Participations on Spain visit with names and short CV.

    Minutes of working meetings:

    Evaluation of the Transnational Project Meeting 

    Plan for work until visiting Greece and some suggestions about visit.

    Outcomes of the meeting

    Video Conferences

    Next VC will be the 27 th of June to confirm the visit to Slovenia after Easter from 15 to 21 April . (Spain won’t know next year timetable until middle of June).

    The first VC next school year will be the 19 th September.
    (VC will be on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm for Slovenia, Spain and Poland and at 8:00 pm for Greece, Romania and Turkey).

    About the e-books

    - Every country should check their own experiment plans.
    - E-book: Name of the project in all languages, logo, motto.
    - One English expert should double check the e-book.

    Dates for experiments next school year

    - Other living beings should be finish before October 22 nd
    - Work on Astronomy and Space from November 2017 to middle of January 2018
    - Work on Air, colour and light from January to 14 th of April 2018.
    - During May and June 2018 final report.


    II Transnational Project Meeting vídeo