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    EKONOMSKA SKOLA BRACE RADICA DJAKOVO is a secondary vocational business school. The High Comprehensive School Brace Radica has got a population of 798 students who can choose among four different courses: economics, trade business and commercialism, administration and office business and computer technologies. The school is situated in an urban area characterized by agricultural area and food production that are getting more and more important.

    Djakovo is situated 35 km far from Osijek, the second largest city and university center in the country The north- eastern part of Croatia is an area of flat Panonian plane where cereals are grown in quantities which satisfy the need of the entire country . The area is considered underdeveloped and is characterized by the large number of unemployed young people.

    We have already had two Comenius 1, one Comenius 3 and number of other European projects , so we would like to continue our development of our understanding of the European dimension of education and learning. Our students participated in numerous international projects such as exchanges of students, ECO-schools, ENO-project, business correspondence and some written projects with Collegiul Economic Buzau. Since 2002 the school has been participating in Comenius partnership projects and Comenius Network NEAC as a silent partner. We really think that the friendship that was born in the recent years is fantastic and at the end of projects the contacts are still going on. We would hope to build on our experience of European schools through the exchange of information, work practice and experience both of staff and students. This exchange of ideas and experiences fosters a deeper understanding of our place in Europe and develops a culture of friendship among students from the different schools, cultures and backgrounds.

    The school is also active in the local community. Its students are involved in charity work collecting and donating food for poor families asas well as toys for children  in Christmas time.

    During October the Thanksgiving days are celebrated.

    Numerous extracurricular activities offer children to spend their time  diong different sports activities or singing in the school qhoir.

    Quiz DEUTSCHLAND has been organized regularly for 11 years in cooperation with NGA of  local minority of Germans to promote learning of German language. The students  show  their knowledge of German culture



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    Name of the school: Berufskolleg Wirtschaft und Verwaltung - Ahaus

    Address: Kusenhook 4-8, D-48683 Ahaus

    Website: www.bwv-ahaus.de

    Region: Western part of the „Münsterland“ (Northrhine-Westphalia) near the border with the Netherlands, in a well-to-do rural environment (town of approx. 30,000 inhabitants)

    Number of pupils: approx. 2,500 (most of  them in the dual system of education)

    Number of teachers: 115

    Profile of the school: The „Berufskolleg Wirtschaft und Verwaltung“ is a type of Vocational College for Business and Administration where pupils can reach different types of job-related graduations with emphasis on subjects of economics and administration. One of these is the general qualification for university entrance („Abitur“). From this group the participants of Erasmus-projects are recruited.

    As the school has the official label of a European school, emphasis is also placed on the teaching of languages (English, French, Spanish and Dutch) as well as on exchanges with different European partners.


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