Working in Europe - Skills for success

We want to compare our countries' Situation with regard to Young people's employment and create Tools to improve their chances on the wide European Job market.

3.1 learning and teaching activities : students meeting Denain

These are the students travelling to Denain on November 22nd to 28th. 

Bulgary Croatia France Germany Romania Spain
Yordanka Viktorija Jennifer Çanan Ioana Alejandro
Silviya Petar Cassandra Elena Adriana Gloria
Denislav Stjepan Cyril  Emelie Bianca Nerea
Dimitar   Cyril Manuel Alin Rafael
Veselin   Marc-Antoine Natalie Octavian Raquel
Gerasim   Cédric Verena Eduard Susana

Nb : A cause des attentats en France, finalement les delegations croates et roumaines ne sont pas venues.

Author: Francisco Javier Núñez Aguado
Last editor: Francisco Javier Núñez Aguado