A6- European Monuments -collection of QR codes


    Activity:  A6- European Monuments -collection of QR codes

    Responsible country:    Romania

    Month/Year:     May 2017


    -Pupils  will select and choose ten famous  monuments in their country related to European culture and civilization in digital format.

    -Pupils  will add the name and a brief description of monument.

    -Take some photos during this activity.

    -Pupils helped by teachers will create QR code to be discovered by their colleagues in the partner countries.

    -QR codes makers:







    -Every schools prepare 10 QR codes for codes hunting and 2 photos in printed and digital format.  It can be used tablets, mobile phones of teachers if internal regulations prohibit this device on pupils.

    - Each partner school will prepare 10 QR codes and 2  photos for Short training event with pupils and teachers in Thessaloniki, Greece( 22-26 May 2017) in a pack/flyer/small brochure in digital and printed format.

    - Each partner school prepared 12  packages ( in printed format) three for each partner.

    -After meeting in Greece,  Romania ( leader team of this activity) create a commune digital brochure uploaded on (issuu, project blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etwinning) with all QR codes + photos of pupils working on this task and photos from QR workshop in Thessaloniki Greece.

    -Each partner shows in the Erasmus corner the QR codes received from the partners and the photos (printed) of the children engaged in the activity.


    Thank you!   Romania Team.


    Submission deadline:      Short training event with pupils and staff-22-26 May, Greece