Getting to know each other

  • Six countries will join their enthousiasm to let


    It is about an ERASMUS + project which will last from 2016 till 2019. Let's make a short trip to know the Participant countries.


    And here we are, ready to let our partners know a little bit of our countries, our towns and our schools.

    Enjoy watching the videos, and pay attention because later on... we will play a quiz!

    Otto-Wels-Grundschule, Berlin - Germany




    We are pupils from Greece, ready to present you our country, our town and our school in 3 wonderful videos!! Pay attention to them...a quiz will follow....

    Ciao!! We are from Italy! In our Institute there are 3 different schools. The first video is from the two Primary Schools of Gemona, the second one is from the Primary School of Artegna. We hope you enjoy them! 



    Hello!! We are pupils from Cyfarthfa Park Primary School which is in Merthyr Tydfil in Wales. We are here to present our school, and of course we are ready to Conquer castles with all of you!!

    Hello!! We are from Austria! Our school VS Grubergasse is located in the 16th district of Vienna. We are a half day primary school with afternoon care. About 300 Students from more than 25 countries attend our school.If you want to learn more about us, you can watch the video we prepared for you!!! We hope you enjoy it! 

    And now, dear friends, it is time to play!!!

    After watching these wonderful videos , we know much more about our partner countries, schools and towns. So, why don't we play a KAHOOT QUIZ?

    READY, STEADY, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Do you want to see how fun it is playing all together? 

    The Catalan team called "Superstars" scored 10.047 points, let's see who will be the winners!

    Austria and Berlin also enjoyed a lot playing the kahoot quiz !  Look!