Teachers' Communication 1

  • "Teachers' Communication 1" (September 2016- December 2016)

    On TwinSpace Page "Teachers' Communication 1"

    the visitor can find the private email messages and the Forum posts

    project teachers exchanged among them as well as with the Argentinian partner

    between September 2016- December 2016

    as part of planning activities, arranging online meetings,

    discussing ways to make public the cooperative products of the activities.


    • Natalia Tzitzi - 27.11.2016 19:48

      Turning Music Activity to Christmas Music Activity

      During the first online meeting the teachers had back in September, we had decided that after the end of the school year in Argentina, we would probably go on with more activities. I hope you are all still interested! Justyna has sent us all a message about the music activity. We could work on it in January and in December we could focus on a Christmas story or Christmas songs and carols or do a Christmas Music activity in December. Think about what you wish to do. I suggest we choose a Christmas song/carol (or  other religious songs if you don't celebrate Christmas in your country)  in the students’ native language. We post the songs in the form of videos (MP4 files) or audio files (MP3) on the Music Activity Page on TwinSpace https://twinspace.etwinning.net/23626/pages/page/144206 To make it more cooperative we add the lyrics and the phonetic transcription of the chorus so that our partners can sing it. Let me illustrate this suggestion with an example: In Greece, on Christmas Eve we sing a Christmas Carol entitled “Καλήν Εσπέραν, Άρχοντες». On the Music Activity Page on TwinSpace there is a prezi presentation http://prezi.com/rqfzxvjflt1v/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy where a video of the Greek Christmas song is posted along with a pdf of the lyrics in Greek and a pdf file of the phonetic transcription (in English characters) of the first two lines. Next partner prepares an audio file of her children singing the Greek song and adds it on the Prezi presentation as well as the files (YouTube video, pdfs or a ppt) for a Christmas song in the students’ native language. So does the next partner so that before December 19th we have Christmas songs in all the partners’ native languages sung by a partner. Greek by Polish, Polish song sung by Turkish, Turkish by Croatian, Croatian song sung by Greeks. What do you think?

    • Natalia Tzitzi - 09.12.2016 16:43

      Hi Partners,


      After having received messages by Justyna, Maja and Atike, I need to confirm that we go on with the Christmas music activity as suggested. Personally I am very happy about that.


      Justyna, send me any material that you have for the prezi presentation. I’ll upload them for you.


      Maja, I was very happy to hear that you had fun with the Greek song and that you can deal with Prezi, too. We are looking forward to receiving your song in Croatian plus its chorus (2-3 lines) in its phonetic transcription so that we try to sing it (that sounds definitely challenging)


      Atike, you could either upload what your students have prepared or you could send them to me to upload them on the Prezi.


      Feeling really excited by your work!!! 


      We’ll be in touch!






      From: Jfurmanek [mailto:jbabiarzfurmanek@interia.pl]
      Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2016 11:48 PM
      To: Natalia Tzitzi; 'maja sokač'; 'Małgorzata Śleziak'; 'Serpil Şahinoğlu'; 'candan yilmaz'
      Cc: 'Maria Gabriela Dayan'
      Subject: Re: A Christmas Music activity?



      Today I recorded the Greek traditional song (of course a fragment which Natalia write the phonetic transcription for) and a Polish carol. In Poland there is a Christmas break just like in Greece - 24th December but we are almost ready to upload the carols onto etwinning space.
      I'm not sure if I can do it with Prezi - unfortunately I am not familiar with that program yet:( 
      My students would like to learn also other poartners' Christmas songs so we are looking forward to Your songs as well. 
      warm wishes



      Online Meeting 3

      • Natalia Tzitzi - 11.09.2016 10:36

        November 2016 

        Classes meet online for an activity regarding sports

      • Natalia Tzitzi - 20.11.2016 22:45

        Discussing students' online meeting on the last week of school for the Argentinian partners.

        The email messages below also contain information about the presentation videos the students prepared about themselves.


        From: Natalia Tzitzi [mailto:ntzitzi@sch.gr]
        Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2016 11:41 PM
        To: 'Natalia Tzitzi'; 'Maria Gabriela Dayan'; 'nataliatzi949@gmail.com'
        Subject: Online meeting on Wednesday November 23rd at 14:00 ?


        Hi Gabriela,

        Sorry for the delay.

        Just checked my students’ responses to “what time they are available on Wednesday evening for a meeting with Argentinian partners” and some of them can meet you at 19:00 (time in Greece), that is 14:00 (time in Argentina) on Wednesday November the 23rd.


        During the meeting the students can ask each other questions about themselves using the vocabulary they used for their presentation videos. They can also co-work on the powerpoint presentation of the athletes. Yours can add the information about their athletes on a slide (one athlete per slide) and mine can do the same on another slide of the same presentation. The link to the online presentation is here (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dN352nYyEInDi9dMqVpiQT7xk_2Mn7ahRPxpS4fxNAQ/edit?usp=sharing ) and it can also be found on the TwinSpace (Page: Cooperative Sports Celebrities Presentation https://twinspace.etwinning.net/23626/pages/page/162710 )


        The three videos you have uploaded on YouTube are also visible on the TwinSpace, which means that you have actually managed to work on the TwinSpace platform successfully!


        Let me know if you are OK with the date, time and agenda of the meeting.


        Looking forward to hearing from you!


        Have a nice Sunday evening!






        From: Natalia Tzitzi [mailto:ntzitzi@sch.gr]
        Sent: Friday, November 18, 2016 12:29 AM
        To: 'Maria Gabriela Dayan'
        Subject: RE: Videos and more



        Just send me the links and I’ll upload them.

        I’ll check with my students about Wednesday 13:15 or later although they won’t probably be available because they have evening classes, too but I’ll be able to tell you for sure tomorrow.

        About the powerpoint presentations I have just sent you a link  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dN352nYyEInDi9dMqVpiQT7xk_2Mn7ahRPxpS4fxNAQ/edit?usp=sharing

        Till tomorrow




        From: Maria Gabriela Dayan [mailto:mgdayan@gmail.com]
        Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2016 6:51 PM
        To: Natalia Tzitzi
        Subject: Re: Videos and more


        Hi Natalia!

        I can´t believe the other videos can´t be seen!! what a pity, I´ve already uploaded them all. I´ll do it again. We won´t be able to do the online meeting Friday 25th as that´s the last day at school and they really don´t have classes. What about wednesday 23rd? If you could make it at 13.15 or later (our time) perfect! Otherwise I can try to organise it for the morning although they have Spanish classes. Shall I upload the powerpoints of Sports Celebrities somewhere?

        Hope to see you soon, 



        2016-11-17 13:17 GMT-03:00 Natalia Tzitzi <ntzitzi@sch.gr>:

        Hi Gabriela,

        Only two videos seem to have been uploaded on the TwinSpace, Bautista’s and a girl’s. You can send me the YouTube url addresses of the videos you have uploaded and I’ll add them to the TwinSpace. My students could watch them and meet yours next Friday November 25th for an online guessing game of “Who is Who” and maybe work on sports celebrities presentations together. (Let me know what time is convenient for you and your students. I can make arrangements for my students to come in the afternoon/evening) We’ll use Skype and invite eTwinning partners to join us if they can. What do you think?

        Looking forward to your reply.

        Have a nice evening.



        From: Maria Gabriela Dayan [mailto:mgdayan@gmail.com]
        Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 12:36 AM
        To: Natalia Tzitzi
        Subject: Re: Videos


        Hi Natalia, 

        How are you? I´ve been uploading videos of my students but I don´t know if they can be seen well, could you please check that for me? I can, but there is something strange. Another thing, my students are working on their sports celebrities power points but I don´t get where I should upload them, I´m so sorry, I´m not familiar with these platforms. Can you help me there? I have to say that I just have two more classes with each course, it´s a pity but that´s the way it is. They have been working happily but technology hasn´t helped; that´s why it took us so long to do everything. 

        take care and looking forward to your reply, 



        2016-11-09 15:41 GMT-03:00 Natalia Tzitzi <ntzitzi@sch.gr>:

        Hi Gabriela,


        Attaching videos to the TwinSpace means that the video has already been uploaded on YouTube or vimeo and then you simply use its URL and attach it in the Materials section of the TwinSpace. I assume you have many short videos so there are two things you can do


        1. Put all your students’ videos one after the other and create one video which you can upload on YouTube OR


        1. you can use the link to this padlet wall https://padlet.com/nataliatzitzi/ColegioSanCarlosDialogos  I’ve created for your school and attach all the videos you have provided they are 11Mbs or smaller. Click anywhere on the wall, write the student’s name and click on the + sign at the bottom of the post to attach the video (for more instructions on how to attach the videos watch this video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f51WeQVLeVU (between 3:00 to 3:45)



        I hope I’ve been of some help.


        Let me know if you need something else.


        Take care,



        P.S. Wallpaper and icon can be changed on the padlet wall. Send me your school logo if you wish me to change the icon.


        From: Maria Gabriela Dayan [mailto:mgdayan@gmail.com]
        Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2016 4:01 PM
        To: Natalia Tzitzi
        Subject: Re: Transnational Groups & Forums


        Hi Natalia, 

        I´m attaching one video, could you please let me know how to upload them? I have one per student and I still haven´t been able to do so :(





        2016-11-08 11:42 GMT-03:00 Natalia Tzitzi <ntzitzi@sch.gr>:

        Hi Partners!


        (Maja, Thanks for letting me know what your teaching situation is like.)


        So, we are going along with transnational groups (Soccer Group 1, Basketball Group 2, etc) and communication through FORUMS. Could you, please, arrange your pupils (one or two in each group) and ask them to log in with their username and password and post their presentation of their choice of sports celebrity in the relevant group.   


        Could you also log into the TwinSpace, check Pages and consult the FORUM posts for activity details & deadlines? Add your suggestions if you wish.


        Take care,


        From: maja sokač [mailto:majadujmovic@hotmail.com]
        Sent: Monday, November 07, 2016 9:07 PM
        To: Natalia Tzitzi
        Subject: Odg: online meeting, voting


        Hi Natalia,

        As I work as a councelor -pedagogue I can have only one hour per week with students (instead of their class teacher, it's just one our for class managment, civic and health education per week). These hours are in A week Tuesdays from 11:35 till 12:20, and in B week Wednesday from 10:45 till 11:30. Only Tuesdays I can use IT cabinet (it's free) so it' s realky hard to arrange online meetings with us, that's why I didn't write anything in the end on doodle. I like the idea of existing  power point content template and that groups are mixed by every partner and work in some kind of forum or similar on a task...

        Kind regards,



        Pošiljatelj: Natalia Tzitzi
        Poslano:6. studenog 2016. 23:15
        Primatelj: 'candan yilmaz''Maria Gabriela Dayan''maja sokač''Małgorzata Śleziak'
        Predmet: FW: online meeting, voting


        Hi again!

        I am just forwarding Justyna’s idea for the Sports Activity. She provides a concrete example which may be useful to us while we are preparing our students for the online meeting.

        Have a nice week!




        From: Jfurmanek [mailto:jbabiarzfurmanek@interia.pl]
        Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2016 10:37 PM
        To: Natalia Tzitzi
        Subject: RE: online meeting, voting


        Hello again

        What do You think about arranging it this way:

        Each teacher chooses 6 students out of the class - they may be volunteers or students chosen by the teachers on the basis of linguistic competence.

        So - there will be 6 groups with the equal number of 6 students.

        Before we give them lists of famous sports or sportsmen from 6 different countries. Before the meeting online - they search for information (pictures and a text) and have it on pendrives.

        We have prepared an ex ample for students to help them focus on the most important things.

        Or each pupils prepares a presentation about his/her favourite sportsman and they present him/her to their partners. The partners prepare a list of questions to get some information about favourite sports of their partners – and they will have to fill in the missing information.

        The most famous Polish athlete / sportsman

         SLIDE I:

         WHO Adam Małysz is the most famous Polish athlete.

         SPORT He is one of the most successful ski jumpers of all time.

         SLAJD II:

         COUNTRY/ TOWN : He comes from Poland.

         BORN He was born on the 3rd of December 1977 in Wisła.

         APPEARANCE Adam is short and slim. He is in his late thirties. He's got short fair hair, blue eyes and a big nose. Małysz is hardworking and very talented person.

         SLAJD III:

         The beginning of his career (początek kariery):

         He began his senior level ski jumping career in 1995 but he started jumping when he was only 6 years old. He ended his career in 2011. He became a racing driver. He participates in races all over the world.

         SLAJD IV:
        The list of his achievements is very long:

        • Winter Olympic medals (2002 and 2010);

        • four individualWorld Championshipgold medals (an all-time record);

        • four individual World Cup titles;

        • 39 individual competition wins;

        • a total of 96 podiums ...

        SLAJD V:

         I think Adam Małysz is the most famous Polish sportsman. I like him very much.

        If we take all the students to work together there might be a difficult to control situation, I’m afraid.

        But it’s up to all the partners to make a final decision.

        Take care



        Od: "Natalia Tzitzi" <ntzitzi@sch.gr>
        Do: "'Jfurmanek'" <jbabiarzfurmanek@interia.pl>;
        Wysłane: 23:26 Czwartek 2016-11-03
        Temat: RE: online meeting, voting

        Hi Justyna,


        Thanks for your kind words!


        I am sorry for the problems you had with voting. We had the same problem, too, but I don’t know what caused it.


        For the online meeting the students will be arranged in transnational groups of 5 or 6, each student from a different school. I am not quite sure yet about the number of groups and their members because I haven’t checked their answers to the poll (Google form) There may be more in each group otherwise it will take too long.


        They will need to talk and probably add some slides to an online ppt (Google) in terms of adding text and images(?) about athletes.


        We need good Internet connection and we may need to arrange them in different rooms but we’ll see to that. There should also be a test event to check that everything works OK.


        I’ll get back to you all as soon as I receive the other partners’ reactions, too. Please, feel free any suggestions you wish. I would love to hear what all partners would like to say and combine everybody’s suggestion towards a final complete task.


        Have a good night!






        From: Jfurmanek [mailto:jbabiarzfurmanek@interia.pl]
        Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2016 8:39 PM
        To: nataliatzi949@gmail.com
        Subject: online meeting, voting


        Thank You Natalia,

        I didn't thank You for the meeting in Greece so I am doing it now. I will have very nice memories:)

        Actually I did the voting with my pupils (favourite sports) but we did it from my account because not all the students could log in (although some can, and it's a mistery for me) Unfortunately not all students voted for the logo - it couldn't be done because some logos rejected the votes - I thought it was too late to do the voting...?

        Well one more thing - My students prepared some information about their favourite sportpeople as I have already told You and they are looking forward to meeting with their peers online.

        However I have a vague idea what it would look like - so 3 students (for example Argentinian, Polish and Croatian will form one group to talk about their favourite sport? Or will they work in bigger groups? Will they talk, type, chat? And what final product are they supposed to create?

        What programmes and what equipment do we have to prepare to have a successful online meeting? - Tomorrow I will talk to my headteacher about the meeting and I will mark the date we will be available but I need to know the details.

        Sorry for bothering You - I hope You will be patient towards me again:)












        María Gabriela Dayan 

        4717-5811 / 4708-9340









        María Gabriela Dayan 

        4717-5811 / 4708-9340









        María Gabriela Dayan 

        4717-5811 / 4708-9340

      • Natalia Tzitzi - 27.11.2016 19:41

        I would like to thank teachers and students who joined the online meeting last Wednesday. My students and I had a wonderful time with our partners from  Croatia  Poland  and, of course,  Argentina . Collages of the photos taken during the meeting are visible on the TwinSpace page https://twinspace.etwinning.net/23626/pages/page/172550 In case you have more photos you can add them here or post a comment in the Project Journal and add the photo. I was really sorry to see that Atike was also online but we didn’t have the chance to have her in the Skype meeting. Sorry, Atike! I don’t know what went wrong. To make up for not having wished our Argentinian partners “Happy Summer Holidays”, Atike had a nice idea. In the Project Journal, she posted a photo of her pupils and added the wish on the photo. The rest of us could do the same posting wishes and in the Project Journal and having our pupils add a comment to the post. 

      • Natalia Tzitzi - 10.07.2017 17:56

        • Primary School in Zamość, Poland sends Argentinian Partners the warmest wishes and we wish You a great summer holiday. Kisses:)
          - Posted by Justyna Babiarz-Furmanek, 28.11.2016, 21:39 |Delete

        • Dear Argentinian Partners! Second Polish school wish you GREAT SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

          Tomorrow I'll try to make a special postcard with my students to wish all Argentinians wonderful moments.

          P.S. We still don't have Wi-Fi at school so we can work only on one old computer with very slow connection. But we'll do our best.
          - Posted by MAŁGORZATA ŚLEZIAK, 27.11.2016, 21:46 | Delete

        • Hello, it's been a crazy day (School's Patron's Day, party on Boy's Day) but we managed to meet online:) Thank You for the meeting. My students are delighted:)
          - Posted by Justyna Babiarz-Furmanek, 24.11.2016, 00:31 |Delete

        • Hi! it is 18.35 .I am still waiting on line to say 'Hi'.Anything went wrong?
          - Posted by Atike Candan Yılmaz, 23.11.2016, 16:40 | Delete

      • Natalia Tzitzi - 10.07.2017 17:58
        • Hi !My students are on holiday for two days because of our 8th grades' High School Entrance Examinations.
          - Posted by Atike Candan Yılmaz, 23.11.2016, 12:03 | Delete

        • Hi! I really had a hard time working in presentation Sport celebrities!! Gropus on Titanpad and slides are different so it would be much easier if we all wrote in Sport groups each child and if children left in chat their choise of sport celebrities...Anyway I had to prepare slides for my students (for tomorrow) because there's no chance for them to find out the group they belong to. Hope it'll be much easier in Music:) I'll try to ask some students for 18:00 skype meeting, i'll see if anyone of them can tomorrow.
          - Posted by Maja Sokač, 22.11.2016, 22:17 | Delete

        • Hello! Finalyy my sctudents from School European Class are on-line. We'll try to do as much as possible, sitting in 10 in front of one computer :-(
          - Posted by MAŁGORZATA ŚLEZIAK, 07.11.2016, 13:15 | Delete

        • Hi! I meet my class at 12:30-13:10 on Tuesdays and at 13:20-14:50 on Thursdays.So Natalia the times you suggested don't seem to süit us and the ICT room is occupied all the other times with the other classes.
          - Posted by Atike Candan Yılmaz, 02.11.2016, 11:54 | Delete

    Logo Contest

    • Natalia Tzitzi - 11.09.2016 09:03

      Students of all partner schols are invited to design the project logo. Those who wish to enter the contest work in pairs, groups or individually and draw the logo using either digital (e. g. Paint software or Web 2.0 tool), or conventional tools (e.g. paper & colored pencils). By October 5th, 2016 they will have uploaded their submissions (logos) in the Materials section of the TwinSpace and then they will have attached them to the Logo Contest Page. All the project students use the Google Form below (under construction) to vote for their favourite logo. Voting should take place between October 8th till October 15th, 2016

    • Natalia Tzitzi - 10.07.2017 18:08
      • Hi partners! The logo contest is on. Ask your students to go to "Vote for the logo" subpage and vote for 2 logos they like. Voting will last a week until October 30th.
        - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 24.10.2016, 08:21 | Delete

      • Hi Gabriela,next presentation will be about your town.
        - Posted by Atike Candan Yılmaz, 17.10.2016, 19:57 | Delete

      • Hi everybody! I´m back. I was having terrible problems to connect but I think and I hope it´s over. =) My students are eagerly working and I´ve already posted the logos they designed and a power point presentation of our school. I´m about to upload videos of their presentations. Is that ok? it´s the first time I´ve used this tool. I can´t open the powerpoint of one of the schools in Poland. Hope to hear from you soon! Gabriela
        - Posted by Gabriela Dayan, 07.10.2016, 20:50 | Delete

      • Hi Natalia,
        I'm preparing the consent for parents and forgot the name of the Argentina partner school, could you please write me the name? thank you!
        - Posted by Maja Sokač, 19.09.2016, 09:22 | Delete

      • Hi all,
        Natalia and Atike, you've really a hard worker, you've prepared everething for us!!Great job! I'm still learning to use all twinspace tool so I need much more time then I thougth. I'll start next week to work on first activity and let you know...timetable seems ok, all the tools I have to use hmhm:) I tried to add dates to the excell table but don't have gmail then hotmail so...we are not in school on 31stOctober and winter hollydays starts from 23.12. Hear you soon! I'll have many questions!!
        - Posted by Maja Sokač, 14.09.2016, 23:08 | Delete

      • Hi all
        Our school starts next Monday so we have only two weeks in September.Not to waste much time after school starts ,I've uploaded a draft showing the list of planned activities and months when they are intended to be done.We can use it,make any changes you'd like or not.What do you think?
        - Posted by Atike Candan Yılmaz, 14.09.2016, 20:04 | Delete

    • Natalia Tzitzi - 10.07.2017 18:09
      • Home page has just been created. Each school's presentation is hosted in one of the subpages. Out of courtesy, the Argentinian school is first and the rest of the schools are arranged in the same order as in the Project Profile.
        - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 10.09.2016, 10:59 | Delete

      • OR we can enter the room here in the TwinSPace. Check "Live" and click on "enter rooom"
        - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 08.09.2016, 18:08 | Delete

      • Good evening, partners. Are we going to meet on Skype? My Skype name is Natalia Tzitzi
        - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 08.09.2016, 18:06 | Delete

    Dear Justyna,
    First of all, let me welcome both you and your colleague to our project!

    As we decided at the first online meeting, to prove communication and interaction, we’ll use TwinSpace Forums to discuss the activities and make comments on the Project Journal. We’ll resort to Teacher Bulletin and Private email only in case we want to share with partners what we wish the NSSs and the pupils wouldn’t see.

    So you could copy – paste the message below onto the Forum about the presentations https://twinspace.etwinning.net/23626/forums/forum/22987

    Whatever the teachers want to share will be there. Feel free to make any suggestions you believe they would promote the activity.

    Next week I ‘ll arrange the suggestions and come up with a plan for the Presentation Activity. The final plan will be posted on Project Home Page (https://twinspace.etwinning.net/23626/pages/page/144092) .

    Whatever you’ll create with your students, either you or preferably the children will upload them on the TwinSpace (Presentation activity for your school, city/town, country goes here https://twinspace.etwinning.net/23626/pages/page/145055 ).

    Looking forward to “meeting” you on the TwinSpace.

    Best wishes,



    From: Jfurmanek [mailto:jbabiarzfurmanek@interia.pl]
    Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 10:42 PM
    To: ntzitzi@sch.gr
    Subject: project


    Dear Natalia

    I am very happy to be a partner in the project. I haven't participated in the Friday's online meeting unfortunately so I'm writing this email just to make sure about the plan.

    In September we should prepare presentations/profiles about students' hobbies and interests..etc .using movie maker.

    when they are ready shall we upload them on twinspace or send them to You?

    Today we had a meeting with parents and I've just talked to them and collected parents' consents for the project. I think we will be ready with the presentations in September:)

    Is there a list of questions for the profiles or shall we make them ourselves?

    There is another teacher form my school who is interested in the etwinning project and she is ready to help with the activities. actually we both teach English in the class I have chosen for the project.

    My kids are enthusiastic about the idea of cooperating with their peers from other countries and making presentations and I think they are ready to participate actively in the project[lol2]

    best wishes