Logo Contest

  • Students of all partner schols are invited to design the project logo.

    Those who wish to enter the contest work in pairs, groups or individually and draw the logo

    using either digital (e. g. Paint software or Web 2.0 tool), or conventional tools (e.g. paper & colored pencils).

    By October 5th, 2016 they will have uploaded their submissions (logos) in the Materials section of the TwinSpace attached them to the "Logo Contest"  Page.

    All the project students add their idea to the tricision ("Vote for the project logo" Page) and          vote for their favourite logo until October 30th, 2016

    All the project logos designed by the students can be seen in the table below. The winning logo can be seen on "...and the winner is ..." Page but it also features as the project thumbnail at the top of the TwinSpace


    Project Logos




    logo 6


    Logo 3

    logo 4

    logo 5

    logo 7

    logo 8

    logo 9

    logo 10

    logo 11

    logo 12

    logo 13

    logo 14

    logo 15

    logo 16

    logo 18

    logo 19

    logo 20

    logo 21

    logo 20

    logo 22

    logo 23

    logo 24