Poetry Activity

  • Collaborative activity based on the partner countries' literary production

    Each partner focuses on a national poet who is very popular and/or a national change-maker, easily recognisable or simply one the children like very much.  The children study the poet and his work as much as possible and pick one of his poems to be recited (read aloud) by one or two or more pupils. Reciting the poem is recorded  and the video is uploaded  on the Poetry Activity Padlet  which can be found on the Poetry Class (Material) 

    Poem presentation video should also be accompanied by a word file/s of the poem in the language it was written originally, its interpretation, its English translation as well as its translation in any of the languages of the 6 partners.

    Each partner class chooses one or two of the poems contributed by the other project partners and the children dramatise it or recite it in the language of the partner.

    Partner classes meet on April 26th on eTwinning Live for live Poetry Class to teach poem reading  (Poetry Class Agenda) 

    Project Teachers make the necessary arrangements (date, time & Transnational Groups formation) using TwinSpace Page Poetry Class (Prep)  

    For Poetry Class Activity Results, visit TwinSpace Page  "Poetry Class (Results)" 

    For more visual material on poetry, visit "Collection of Poems and Poets" 



    Deadline for each partner to upload  material on national /popular poet: March 30th, 2017

    Deadline for each partner to recite partners' poem: April 30th, 2017