A world of “famous” difference

Based on Cultural Education, the current project focuses on cultural diversity and the idea of inclusion. It aims at (1) pointing to the fact that the participating countries may be different in many respects but culture and sports, among many other aspects of society, can serve as common ground and (2) enabling pupils to understand the importance ...

Project Journal

  • Hi Dear Partners
    I'd like to wish you a wonderful summer holiday.It was great to work with you all.I hope we'll work on new projects again.
    All the best


    - Posted by Elif Turkish, 12.07.2017

  • Dear partners,
    this project was fantastic for me as a teacher but specially for my students. They were excited and creative all the time, every task was a new adventure for students and me. We learned about and from eachother what I think is the main value of this project. We learned about our countries, culture and tradition using new ICT tools and fostering our English langugae. Each activity (logo, sport, music, dance and poetry) gave the chance for each of my students to express their talents and interest. My students enjoyed the most in music activity and dance activity was best for the girls in class:). Natalia is a great coordinator (I really mean that!) and every task was great planned, prepared and explained. I enjoyed that kind of partnership! I think we could try an Erasmus project as a team in the future, really think we are great partners and we have great students for it. Hope we'll stay in touch and have many project to work on in the future!Thank you all partners for all the ideas, effort and ejoyment I've had in this project!Kisses from Croatia!
    - Posted by Maja Sokač, 06.07.2017

  • this is a new video of poetry activity by thalia.Greek4 and Zoe.Greek13

    - Posted by Thalia Greek3, 07.06.2017

  • This is a new video of dance activity by Thalia.Greek3 and Cryssa.Greek4

    - Posted by Thalia Greek3, 07.06.2017

  • Now that the poetry activity is completed with each partner having uploaded a video of children reciting in one of project partners' language, it is time we evaluated the project activities. We'll do so in the FORUM!

    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 30.05.2017