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  • Based on Cultural Education, our project focuses on cultural diversity 

    and the idea of inclusion. The project aims at

    (1) pointing to the fact that the participating countries may be different in many respects but culture and sports, among many other aspects of society, can serve as common ground

    (2) enabling pupils to understand the importance of and adhere to shared values

    The project title "A World of "Famous" Difference" is based on the idiom "a world of difference" which, according to  Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus,  means that if there is a world of difference between two (or more) people or things, they are very different! It is true that project countries are different and unique the way all countries can be different and unique.         The title also combines two words (famous, difference) that are not habitually juxtaposed within a typical phrase in order to pinpoint to the project's subject matter which is people (sports celebrities, poets) and things (traditional songs and dances) from the project countries which are famous in their countries (and probably in the world) but possibly not known to the other project partners, thus having the word famous in inverted commas. Combining all the above, the project title is meant to show that teachers and pupils are setting on a cultural "expedition" where aspects of the partners' cultural production will be explored and used in the creation of shared products 

    The project students work in transnational groups involving both European and South American students for the first two cooperative activities while in the last three activities project classes co-work in different pairs for each cooperative activity so that everybody has the experience of working with everybody. 

    During school year 2016 -2017

    project partners participate in 5 activities producing 8 collaborative results.

    * Pupils create logos and vote for their favorite one. The most voted one becomes the Project Logo.

    * In transnational groups, pupils work on the profiles of Sports Celebrities and collected all profiles in one cooperative Sports Celebrities Presentation

    * Project schools, in pairs, studied each other's Christmas songs and sang a song taught by the Project partner, creating a cooperative Prezi presentation of images, videos and documents in national languages and the project language as well as a video of students singing Traditional Christmas Songs poems in partners' languages (not translated)

    * Project schools, in pairs (different than above), taught a traditional dance and danced the one taught by their partners', creating a ThingLink of videos, images and information about traditional dances as well as a cooperative video Traditional Dances where partner classes dance each other's dances.

    *Project schools teach famous poems of their national literary production and partners recite them in the original language (not translated), creating a Poetry Padlet with images, videos and documents in national languages in the project language  as well as a "Famous Poems" video of students reciting poems in partners' languages.