Visitors' Evaluation

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    • Dunja Jagetić - 05.07.2017 23:17

      Hello everyone! I would like to welcome this great project and say how happy I am that my school joined it.

      I participated one time when my students have learned one greek dance. It was really beautiful to see how much fun they had communicating with students from different country, learning something new and dancing all together. I hope we'll share many future projects, because students have opportunity to learn so many interesting things about other countries, meet other students and share their culture and knowledge through fun activities.

      Greetings from Croatia!

    • Kleopatra Lyberopoulou - 10.07.2017 19:18

      Dear Partners,

      Having browsed through the wonderful activities that project members planned and executed, I feel obliged to congratulate both students and teachers on the excellent job done here on the TwinSpace! As the headteacher of the participating Greek school, I feel both happy and proud of our pupils' contribution to the project activities which have an intercultural focus and promote inclusion. As far as I can see, eTwinning has brought together schools from Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Greece and Argentina! As it is stated in the project title, you have included in a project all the differences in the world and turned them into what they should be, an occasion for joy and fun and learning! Well done!!!

      Kleopatra Lyberopoulou,

      Headteacher of the 10th Primary School of Helioupolis

    • Kleopatra Lyberopoulou - 10.07.2017 19:26

      Dear Partners, 

      Thank you for the hard work and effort teachers and students have put to this project. As the mainstream teacher of the 6th Graders of the Greek partner school which participated in "World of famous difference", I should admit that it's been wonderful sharing feelings and ideas about this project with my children inclass. They were really enthusiastic about it.  I am also very happy to see my pupils' and the other children's evaluation posts. I can only draw one conclusion: they had fun learning. Bravo, children!  

      Kyriakos Ntoumos

      Deputy Headteacher

      10th Helioupolis Primary School