Italy: May 2023

  • Italy mobility

    1 - 7 May 2023

    What the plan says

    • Plogging assessment + competition termination in the first year of the project
    • Announcing the winning school
    • Processing of gained results - publishing, summarizing and sharing
    • Presentation of the best environmental strategies adopted within the project
    • Evaluation of the project

    The activites of the last mobility are related to the project termination. Students will publicly present their common work. They will prepare for the outputs to be presented in local media.
    During their performances they will use chosen materials which they later evaluate as the most prestigious ones. Part of the mobility will also be a discussion among individual teams of partner schools with the aim to present, evaluate and carry out one of the functioning strategies of a specific school or town/locality. These presentations will be followed by voting which will help to choose the best environmental strategy.