Austria: February 2023

  • Austria mobility

    19 - 25 February 2023

    What the plan says

    • Introduction to Ecotourism
    • Measuring of one's ecological footprint
    • Excursions to organizations associated with environmental issues
    • Environmental policy and its economic impacts

    Based on simple procedures students will be able to measure their ecological footprint and at the same time they will be able to use this in practice. They will also evaluate its effectiveness and results. On this basis they will suggest innovations which could easily be realised. Students will compare the approaches to environmental issues of individual countries or localities. This will result in a comparison chart which will be processed and visualised by the marketing department. Students will propose possible changes and completions regarding political representation approach to environmental issues and decide how they should contribute or initiate a future follow-up.

    Ideas to achieve this plan

    • Ecotourism: Land Salzburg; The Keep hotel
    • Ecological footprint: Work with Damn Plastic
    • Repair Cafe - we could organise a bike repair workshop in the school
    • Environmental policy: Visit to recycling centre - Siggerwiesen - and then make a poster campaign
    • Environmental policy: Citizens' involvement in policy (Bürgerbefragung)

    Photo by Daniel Miller