Offline day

  • Offline day

    In February 2022 we have organised an offline day. This is a day when we will try our best to live our lives without our mobile devices and computers. 

    How will we get on? Check back here to find out!

    Taking part

    If you want to take part, you need to:

    • choose a 24 hour period in February 2022 to do it
    • convince your friends/classmates to join you
    • print our questionnaire (below) 4 times: you need to complete this 4 times in the day: 
      • On your way to school
      • At lunchtime
      • In the early evening
      • When you go to bed
    • The next day, copy your 4 survey results into our online survey to we can collect and analyse the results

    Offline Day questionnaire.pdf