Zero Waste Day

  • Zero Waste Day


    Fun fact: In 2019, each person living in the EU generated 34.4 kg of plastic packaging waste, out of which 14.1 kg was recycled. This means that we recycled 41% of our waste. The Czech Republic (second place!), Cyprus and Italy recycled more than average while Latvia and Austria (fourth last!!) recycled less (Source).

    So this got us thinking... Can we try for a day to create ZERO WASTE?

    What do we mean by ZERO WASTE?

    Think about what you throw away during your typical day. Perhaps some of these:

    • Plastic soft drink bottle
    • Plastic sandwich wrapper
    • Plastic yoghurt cartons
    • Aluminium foil
    • Printer paper which has only been printed on one side
    • Sweet wrappers

    There are alternatives to nearly all of these things - and some of those alternatives involve much healthier options too. ;-)

    It is possible to buy plastic-free or recycled plastic products for nearly all our daily needs. Check out: which is a plastic-free franchise concept set up in Salzburg, Austria.

    Don't judge me: Yes, this is a photo of my kitchen bin!

    Maybe this video will inspire you? This person took on the challenge for 30 days. She found it really hard at first but it got easier every day...

    So: The challenge

    Can you go ZERO WASTE for a day? Try very hard not to consume anything that comes in single use packaging, whatever the material, but particularly if it is plastic. Try to find creative ways to REUSE packaging that you do use.

    Don't worry too much if you do have to use some single use marterials - it is almost impossible in today's society after all. But try to remember what you have used so that you can record it in our survey at the end of the day.

    When can I take part in this?

    You can take part in this activity any time in April 2022. One of your class teachers might organise it for you on a specific day, otherwise you are free to choose our own day. And of course you are welcome to see how many days you can go ZERO WASTE!

    Just don't forget to complete our survey at the end of the day...


    Once you have completed the Zero Waste Day, please fill in our survey so we can find out how it went.


    Further information about recycling plastic

    Did you know, that most “recycled” plastic waste is burned in a waste incinerator plant? Only two kinds of plastic-waste are in fact generally recyclednumbers 1 and 2, although number 5 is sometimes recycled. 

    There are a number of reasons why plastics displaying the recycle logo are not commonly recycled including:

    • Most plastic is simply not collected in recycling bins
    • So much unrecyclable plastic is thrown in recycling bins that it is very expensive and difficult to sort the recyclable plastic from that which is not recyclable
    • Automatic sorting systems cannot sort it for example because different types of materials are attached to each other (lids to bottles for example)
    • Numbers 3, 4, 6 and 7 are actually very difficult or impossible to recycle
    • Some plastics release poisonous gases and/or heavy metals when burnt. 


    If you want to know more: Do your own research and find a way to avoid plastic in your everyday life. 


    For more information see:

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