Cyprus: May 2022

  • Cyprus mobility: May 2022

    The title of this visit is "Simply the Best: Research in practice". Amongst the activities we will be conducting an international comparison of recycling methods as well as collating results from all the plogging we have been doing.

    Programme (in school)

    • Monday 2/5/22:
      • All the students and teachers will be at the school
      • They will be welcomed by the principal 
      • Presentations by the students 
      • Tour of the school 
    • Tuesday 3/5/22:
      • Activities from the Terra Cypria Foundation 
      • Composting
      • Green transition in Cyprus (sustainable transport)
    • Wednesday 4/5/22:
      • Activities supported by Green Dot
    • Thursday 5/5/22:
      • Visit to the Environmental Education Center of Athalasas at Nicosia (by bus)
      • Students will take part in the programme “I shop environmentally: How my consumer choices affect Sustainable Development”
      • Visit to the old town of Nicosia and to the “Green Line” 
    • Friday 6/5/22:
      • Last day at school
      • Final presentations
      • Evaluations and feedback