Time to Help!

Time to Help! is an Erasmus+ KA229 project (2020-1-CZ01-KA229-078262) involving schools from the Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Italy and Latvia. Our project deals with three main objectives, including the environment, community life and active cooperation of everyone to create suitable humane conditions for everyday interpersonal communication with emphasis on long term and active use in the future. All objectives mentioned above go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. The schools involved are: - Czech Republic: Ceskoslovanska akademie obchodni doktora Edvarda Benese - Austria: Bundeshandelsakademie 1 Salzburg - Cyprus: Gymnasio Agias Fylaxeos - Italy: Istituto Tecnico Settore Economico Aldo Capitini - Latvia: Rigas Reinholda Smelinga vidusskola

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