Our first transnational meeting in France

  • From Monday 17 to Friday 21 January 2022

    to Saint Martin d’Hères, France


    The targeted objectives:


    - Evaluate the experience of the start of phase 1 of the S2WRE project to improve the collaboration of the second part of the 2021/2022 school year

    - Produce summaries of all assessments: activities on TwinSpace, diagnosis of learners' skills and knowledge, collaboration between learners and collaboration between teachers, review of all achievements, communication to all target audiences, etc.

    - Give the members of the project team the opportunity to express themselves on their personal experience of the beginning of phase 1 of the project and the pleasure or the difficulties they found there.

    - Visit the LPN and the technical platforms (CRGE, EnR)

    - Carry out the high voltage practical work of the CRGE

    - Identification of places and sites to visit in Grenoble

    - Set the precise dates of the 3 mobilities according to the internship periods, alternation of periods, vacations, public holidays

    - Accommodation of FR/PL/TR learners during their FR/PL/TR mobility in a hostel

    - Confirm visits to companies and production sites

    - Establish the model of sub-contract between partners