1.1 - Let's present our nationalities

  • Let's present our nationalities


    Theme: creation of puzzles


    Main objective :
    • Develop patience and reflection

    Specific objective :
    - Be able to create puzzles respecting: Instructions

    The pupils will have to create photos with symbols of their countries, regions or territories and these will be transformed into a puzzle. The partner pupils will have to complete the puzzles and guess which country it was. 

    Using app :



    LINK 1

    LINK 2

    LINK 3

    LINK 4

    LINK 5

    LINK 6

    LINK 7

    The images are either copyright free or buy on STOCKLIB



    Team training, consultation on the choice of themes and illustrations in brainstorming.

    Link 1 and link 3



    Monday 29 November 2021

    9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

    The 3 classes got together to carry out a simultaneous KAHOOT on their achievements. The goal was to find from the photos montages, the country, the region or the city of each partner country.


    Here is the KAHOOT link: Let's present our nationalities