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    This S2WRE project responds to the EU priority on the fight against climate change. This project will give our professional sections of electricians, of 36 French, Polish and Turkish learners, the opportunity to make them aware  of the necessity  to make positive changes  against climate change to become eco-responsible electricians in sustainable development and to develop renewable energy installations.



    The S2WRE project will address activities in the fight against climate change through Practical work on the part: Transport: underground electricity networks, distribution: HV/LV distribution station, the realization of LV cable head, installation of photovoltaic panels. Activities where learners will meet electricians working in hydroelectric dams, photovoltaic and wind farms, in the design and construction of RE facilities. And companies using RE at the forefront of sustainable development.



    Groups of French, Polish and Turkish pupils will carry out concrete weekly activities on eTwinning creation: a logo, miniature wind turbines; Webradio: Report on RE electrical equipment; a photovoltaic educational system; a Dobble-type card game on the RE (tools, production, equipment); a mobility magazine, a book on the S2WRE project. The pupils will have to promote the commitment of the European Commission in favor of the carbon neutrality of Europe by 2050, it is the GREEN DEAL.