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    Activity 9 KAYAKING [22nd-June-2021]

    Finally we got it. Last day of this messy school year, and we couldn't have a better ending. Special thanks to Alberto (Science teacher) for the laughs on his bath in the river... XD And Luis (PE teacher) for helping organize the activity.

    This was group one. Video edited by 2nd ESO B students. Thanks a lot!

    Luis (PE teacher) provided us all the stuff for the making of this video:


    Activity 8 VISIT TO OLIVARES WATERMILLS [21st-June-2021]

    That day we could finally go on an excursion and we visited one of the five watermill groups which there are in Zamora. In our blog how to take advantage of water you can see how they are, how they work, what they were used for, etc.

    María José Vasco - from the local Council Tourism Departament - showed us the facilities in a very kind way. Many thanks!

    This is a video of group A.


    Activity 7 BIRDWATCHING [21st-June-2021]

    Zamora has got an important environmental value thanks to our River Duero. Our town is considered as one of the most important natural-urban eco-systems in the world. 

    Here we'll show you some of the most typical and easy-to-see species, even in the middle of the town!

    We enjoyed the activity very much, but we can't provide any material since we could only see many of the species through telescopes.

    Reputed biologists José Alfredo Hernández (Zamora BioDiversa) and Christian Osorio (Saliegos Birding) imparted the activity.

    Downloadable file about the activity (in Spanish): 

    Birdwatching in Zamora (Spanish).pdf


    Activity 6 ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM SIMULATION [18th-June-2021]

    Physics and Chemistry lesson. Thanks a lot to our teacher Alberto Novoa Albelleira.

    Once again, we made an interesting practice with our teacher Alberto. This time, we dealt with some environmental problems.

    Environmental problem 1.docx

    Environmental problem 2.docx


    Activity 5 CANAL DE CASTILLA AND PASSIVE VOICE [10th-June-2021]

    English lesson. Only group A.

    Ok, it seemed a normal lessons; but we learnt how to use passive voice through learning more about this huge hydraulic engineering work located in our region and dated in 18th century. In a normal situation, we could have visited the canal and sailed on a peaceful boat trip along it. Fingers crossed for next year...

    You can watch a video here. Don't forget to activate subtitles in English:

    Grammar activity: 

    Canal de Castilla (passive voice).pptx


    Activity 4 WATER AND MUSIC [6th-June-2021]

    Music lesson. Thanks a lot to our teacher Esperanza Suárez Domínguez.

    Please watch the vídeo and pay atention to it:

    With this activity, we worked different rhythm patters and percussion; and wealso worked with the lyrics.

    But the most important thing is that we could discuss the different properties and superpowers water has. We analysed the different stages the water drop goes through and have paid attention to how this matches to music.

    We hope you'll enjoy. We did.

    This was a kind of introductory lesson, since the next day we played the song with different phone apps.


    Activity 3 WATER TREATMENT PLANT [26th-May-2021]

    Physics and Chemistry lesson. Thanks a lot to our teacher Alberto Novoa Albelleira.


    Let's build a filter:

    Please watch the results:


    Activity 2 Holm Oak planting [April-May-2021]

    Very few of us kept the trees we planted last year. Some of us got planting them in our yards or village houses, but still haven't got enough evidences to show you...

    My plants By Adrián Prieto Alonso (1).docx

    My plants, by Marcos Gazapo Feito.


    Activity 1 Escape from Atlantis [9th-April-2021]

    This was the one and only activity we could do simultaneously with the rest of schools. It was exciting but we got too little time.