• "You wouldn’t go surfing, if you never learned to swim

    Surfing on the web is a very similar thing
    Be informed, think about actions you perform"

    and follow rules:




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    Netiquette rules 


    Our rules about surfing on the Internet and communicate online:

    1. Respect others.

    2. Adhere the same standards of beviour online that you follow in real life.

    3. Respect other people´s privacy. Ask for permission.

    4. Forgive other people´s mistakes. Never forget that on the other end are peple, not computers.

    5. Do not send spam.

    6. Think about the content you post! Remember that what you post online stays online forever.

    7. Respect copyrights of others. 

    8. Consider the consequences of your activity online. 

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  • What is the best and the worst about using the Internet. Write your opinion:

    Tik tok

    the best it possibility to communicate with others and lot of available information. The wort is lot of unreliable information and hoaxes.


    Kidnaping children be like


    Best is that we can communicate with others easily and worse that we are obssesed sometimes and we can meet bad people


    I think its cool


    hrozne je že tam sú aj nebezpeční ľudia
    ale dobre je že nemusím vyberať staré encyklopédie


    usualy llie and i can block bad people

    mäkké F

    I think scammers and hackers are worst side of internet


    Best is you can find all of thinks in google and the worst think on internet is when you tell some page your information you will never get this back.


    best thing: wathing youtube

    worsth thing: paswords - hackers

    the best thing is that you can block someone and the worst can easily find out your information

    the best is that you can communicate with other people online and the worst is that we can meet bad people and we're always on the internet and not with each other personal


    somebody can hack my phone



    človek čo trpí mentálnou poruchou

    nekukaj neco co neves co je


    worst thing
    hack mobile,laptop,pc

    te gus gaim is veri gud

    bekause mi lajk it


    ked chces snivat tak mas nadej