This project aims at providing teachers from different schools in Europe with the opportunity to get in touch, collaborate, exchange good teaching practices and design joint activities together. Teachers will also learn about the new 21st century pedagogies such as project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, gamification of learning among othe...



My name is Helen and I'd like to speak in favour of Padlet which I successfully use in my projects.

Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world.It works like a sheet of paper where you can put anything (images,videos,documents,texts) anywhere,from any device(pcs,tablets,phones),together with anyone.Padlet has already over 5 million walls you can use when introducing your students at the beginning of the project or when you want to share  the results of your students' work with your partners.I 've found this tool rather useful and hope you'll enjoy it. 

Checkout some cool walls:

Hurricane Sandy;




Hi! I'm Alessandra,

I use Padlet in my projects too. We are participating in "Active Science" project. The educational activities are related to EXPO 2015, the big event that will start next May in Milan. Padlet is a very good tool for the brainstorming. Students write their ideas about the topic and they can soon read what their friends think.

In this Padlet students wrote their ideas about the project and the project's theme: the importance of nutrition.

Author: Helen Naumenko
Last editor: MARTA PEY