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VOKI for educational projects

Hi! I'm Alessandra

VOKI is a nice educational tool to create a talking character.
Voki characters can be customized to look like yourself but also like historical figures, cartoons and animals.
Basic Voki is free. You can find it at the address:
Students can also create Voki to make themselves known to students of other groups.

To use basic free Voki you have to create a personal account. Once logged in, you can find the menu "created" in the upper left. In this window you can customize your character, give it a voice, choose a background and the players color. 

About the voice, you can write a text and then choose a standard female or male voice, but you can also record yourself and upload your audio file (mp3 format).

Voki offers also other three tools for teaching but they are for a fee: Voki classroom, Voki presenter and Voki classroom and presenter bundle. 

This is the Voki page that my students built last year:

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