Hi, I am Mauricio and I would like to show an interesting tool call Scoop.it 

    Scoop.it is a freemium service that allows you to create a web page to share what you find interesting with the world.

    In our school we use it to show our eTwinning projects


    Here are are some practical ideas that people have already come up with on how to put Scoop.it to good use:

    • Create a simple webpage for a single topic.
    • Publish a magazine for colleagues or like-minded types on what you think are interesting or pertinent topics.
    • Organizing in one location materials that you might use across different classes
    • If you are teaching about an active news item, you can use Scoop.it curation tools to create a page that is constantly updated with the latest items on the topic.

    You can see a scoop.it tutorial here