This project aims at providing teachers from different schools in Europe with the opportunity to get in touch, collaborate, exchange good teaching practices and design joint activities together. Teachers will also learn about the new 21st century pedagogies such as project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, gamification of learning among othe...

2.2. GOOD PRACTICES: Mobile apps for eTwinning

  Alessandra P.

Tablets can come really useful while working on an eTwinning project. Let's have a look at some apps which might be used in the different steps of a project.

Some apps which might go formany acitivities are  BUDDYPOKE, ANIMOTO, LENSOO CREATE ...


A nice app which students usually adore is BuddyPoke. You can use it both on IOS and Android devices and it is quite user-friendly.

You can use it in many different ways: to introduce yourself, to talk about what you like,  to describe a place, and much more.

With BuddyPoke you and your students can create cool avatars and then use them to create pictures or videos.


Here is an example of a video made by my students to introduce their school in an eTwinning project


Italian students from ale1507 on Vimeo.

and here is a link to my blog where you can see what else you can do with BuddyPoke



Students usually love making videos and ANIMOTO is a simple and user-friendly app which allows them to create short but nice videos. Unluckily the free version now has some annoying watermarks, but students don't seem to care very much for it. At least, mine don't :)

You need to sign up and login and then you can add some pics, some texts,  you can choose the music the site itself  suggests and the video is ready!

Here is  a video  one of my students made to let his partners know about his likes.


Author: Alessandra Pallavicini
Last editor: MARTA PEY