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eTwinning and science


videoconference: 4th February, 4pm

This is Floren (Florenci Sales). I teach Physics and Chemistry. I've been in eTwinning since 2007 doing scientific projects.

The idea for my videoconference is to show you some examples of eTwinning activities that combine:

  1. Physics and Chemistry Curriculum (the activities are included in the compulsory contents of the course)
  2. CLIL (because I teach in Catalan and these activities are done in English)
  3. Cooperation (the students from different countries interact to each other)
  4. Real life examples (this is very important in Science since validates what students learn in the classroom).

I leave you an example of it.

eTwinning project "Sounds of Science". My students prepared Hot Potatoes ( activities about Chemistry (Acids and Alkalis) and our partners from Romania did the same. Then, we exchanged the activities and we solved the others' ones. I recorded a video while my students were doing the activities from Romania. At the end of that, I uploaded the video in the Twinspace.

Examples of the Hot Potatoes activities (crossword, gap-fill, mixed-up sentence, quiz):

Link to the video:

I hope to see you there!


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