Charity event #2 in Bulgaria- Easter 2021

  • The students of Dr Ivan Panov High School celebrated the Eastern Orthodox Easter on May 2nd. In the week before Easter the participants in the project “Get Involved” attended a workshop organized by their English teachers Mrs Materova and Mrs Kirova. They made Easter souvenirs and greeting cards, which they gave to the Center for community support in our town. According to the tradition, on the Holy Thursday they dyed eggs in different colours - Easter eggs - and made the traditional Easter bread called kozunak. Kozunak is a slightly sweet yeast-raised bread with raisins, cotton-soft, sugar-crusted, studded with rum-soaked raisins and perfumed with vanilla and lemon zest. On Easter morning the so-called "egg-fight" takes place. Every member of the family smashes the other member's egg. The person with the egg left unbroken is proclaimed the winner or “borak”. This person will be healthy the whole year. For some time people greet each other with "Christos voskrese" (Christ has risen) and reply "Vo istina voskrese" ( Indeed he has risen)