Ecological challenges: challenge #2 1 piece of rubbish !

  • Ecological challenge #2


    Ready for the new challenge ?? !!! Inspired by a french webpage and I challenge you to do it:

    Every day, pick up a piece of rubbish in the street, in your school, where you like, take a photo, throw the rubbish in a bin, send the picture to me so I share it on the social media of the project, but you can also post it on your own FB or insta with #1pieceofrubbish or #1dechetparjour

    If you share it on your insta or FB you can also challenge 5 friends ! Let's make it viral and spread awareness ! So who's in ??

  • Post your pictures here !

    one piece of rubbish
    One piec of rubbish
    one piece of rubbish
    One piece of rubbish

    challenge accepted