Charity event #3 in Bulgaria- Christmas 2021

  • 16th November – International Day for Tolerance - a great day to start our Christmas charity events! Just two days after the World Kindness Day! To make a child smile! To touch a person's heart by showing him that he is not alone, that you are next to him! Priceless, isn't it?!

    For more than 15 years, volunteers from the charity organization “Marble project” based in Essex, England, have been visiting Berkovitsa and loving our town as their second home.

    Paul Crowley and Gergana Ivanova Foster are in Berkovitsa now to run one of their campaigns and provide Christmas gifts for children and adults in social care homes and for socially disadvantaged families.

    This year, the students from Dr. Ivan Panov High school in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria, who are participants in the project "Get involved" under the Erasmus+ program, joined the campaign, helping with the shopping and packaging of Christmas gifts.

    They are going to continue the charity events with workshops for making Christmas souvenirs and greeting cards and with collecting toys and books which are going to be given to the children at the local hospital and the Daily centre for disabled children.