Charity event #1 for Christmas

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    Charity event #1 : collection of Christmas Boxes

    Our students are currently collecting items : beauty products , warm clothes , books, sweets. They will make Christmas boxes and give them away to local a local charity.
    They even designed a poster to promote the collection .

    Charity event #1 : Chrismas box

    This week we put up the posters for the charity event in the corridors of the school. we thought of a code so that the association knows who to give them to (man, woman, child).
    Salomé from France

    Charity event 1

    this week we have received about forty christmas boxes that we have all packed up.

    Christmas box
    chritsmas box
    christmas box

    Many box so many work, but ( many good moments for us and the people who will receive them and that's must important.

  • For the organisation of the charity event in Sartrouville, click here